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We take your tried and true recipes, incorporate interviews with the owners or chefs/cooks, and produce a ready-to-sell cookbook to 

  • enhance your sales, 
  • connect more intimately with your customers, and 
  • provide a new and necessary income source during this pandemic crunch-time. 
 For a limited time, we are offering cookbook design services (typesetting, design, publishing preparation) at a highly discounted rate (as low as $1,000 for a book under 80 pages). This offer represents a 60% discount off our usual publishing preparation rate. 

Your cookbook can be ready for sale, both online and direct from your location, in a few months. Your book will be available at a wholesale author’s rate for your in-person sales, and we share 50% of the net sales royalties from Amazon and other online marketplaces. 

Restaurant Promotion — Cookbook Offer:

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