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Wandering Between Worlds: Journeys in Shamanic Consciousness

From time immemorial, our ancestors lived in a direct relationship with nature and Earth. Through this intimacy, they were unquestionably a part of the entire continuity of the universe and all living beings. Illness, personal problems, and natural catastrophes were understood as signs of a disturbance in the individual or social equilibrium, and the relationship with the Gods, spirits, and ancestors. People with a special gift, who were borne by the spirit, could sense these disorders and call attention to the means to restore this delicate balance. The enormous spiritual potential endowed to humankind revealed itself through them.

Over thousands of years, they developed remarkable systems, including various rituals, practices, and healing processes known today as “Shamanism.” In this way, and often by accessing ecstatic trance states, the shamans experience other, more penetrating levels of consciousness to heal and solve problems for individuals and the community as a whole. Shamans have numerous tasks and roles in almost all tribal communities. These women and men are healers, priests, psychologists, therapists, advisers, bearers of the myths, warriors, hunters, and often also dancers, singers, and artists rolled into one.

As the link and go-between to the Divine, by utilizing a variety of practices usually supported by rhythms and singing, they experience the natural access to the spiritual level. In ecstasy, they undertake journeys into hidden realities and parallel worlds, which are usually only revealed to us through myths and dreams. In this state in which time and space do not exist, they can recognize the echoes of the past, and developments in the future.



Wolf Wies is a founder of the Shamanism & Healing Association, which has studied, researched, and compared the healing methods of shamans and indigenous healers since 1982. The Association has organized eight international congresses, countless seminars, as well as a three-year study program.
Wandering Between Worlds chronicles Wolf’s personal and professional journey, meeting, working, and healing with leading shamans and Indigenous healers from around the world.   

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