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Urban Everesting: The 21 Best Hiking Cities in the World

Intrepid Enviro-tourist Mark Cramer shares his top urban hiking destinations around the world, rating and qualifying each suggestion with the type of hiking each of his top cities provides. Hike with all the urban amenities, keeping track of your own “Everest” equivalent!


Comments on earlier urban-themed writing by Mark Cramer:

“Mark Cramer is a seasoned expert in urban anatomy.” -Ray Oldenburg, urbanologist and author of the classic The Great Good Place

“Urban planners and designers can learn a lot from the elements listed in Cramer’s rating scheme about what makes places cool.” –Urban Ecologist, Journal



Hikers and armchair explorers alike, discover:
  • The American city where the urban hiker can equal the elevation of a Mount Everest climb by simply scaling all the public stairways. Nope, it’s not San Francisco.
  • The place in South America that is higher than the peak of Mount Everest.
  • Cities where you can climb 3,000-foot mountains within the city limits.
  • A city with 7 hills with panoramic views, where all the sidewalks are made of intricate mosaic tiles.
  • A city where you can walk coast to coast, within city limits.
  • The city with the largest urban forest in the USA.
  • The place where you can trace the steps of Laurel and Hardy when they tried so hard to deliver a piano up a public staircase.
  • The major city where you can walk a long distance without coming upon a traffic light or crossing a street.

And many other surprises throughout Urban Everesting!

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