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Print / eBook production: My Summer with Senator Joe McCarthy

Wordbound is proud to offer Print (casebound and paperback) and eBook production at a flat-rate. Your complete production has been quoted at $2250 (with payment installment options available at checkout).

Production Process:

Consult 1: your thoughts on content and marketing
Consult 2: my thoughts on content and marketing
Review 1 of text suggestions, with first-draft covers
Review 2 of text suggestions, with refined-draft cover and interior layout review
Final proof review, and print and eBook release


Terms and Conditions— Wordbound Media Author-Partnered Publishing.

Wordbound Media builds publishing relationships around the premise that everyone fares better with plain-language agreements, and rarely a long-term contract. In initiating your publishing project with Wordbound, you agree to the following.

• You agree to pay a flat production fee, as quoted for your project (installments available at checkout). This payment covers all costs for the production of your completed print and eBook files. • Wordbound Media will prepare your content for production and distribution, with a default release goal of approximately six months from our start of the project (date TBD). • You will have several opportunities during the design and editing process to review and shape the work in progress. You always have the right to final approval on our recommended edits and design.
Distribution and Sales
Following production and upon your consent, Wordbound (exclusively) manages and distributes your work across the network of online book venues, via Amazon and Ingram’s digital and print network. • Wordbound creates and manages the online retail listings for your work • Bookstores and other wholesale buyers will be able to order your work directly from Ingram. • You will receive 75% of the net proceeds for each work sold: 75% * ((wholesale return for the title) – (actual cost of fulfillment)). • You will receive monthly sales reports and quarterly electronic royalty payments (PayPal)
• Your copyright remains yours, unequivocally. Once in distribution, upon 60-day notice, you may request the return of your print rights along with your print and eBook production files.
Resolving Disputes
Nothing goes according to plan 100% of the time, and in publishing together, we commit to working through some inevitable bumps in the road. If any outside resolution is required, you agree to a mediation process within Massachusetts.


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