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Journey With Jan is a fascinating look into the creative process of renowned wildlife artist Jan Martin McGuire, whose coveted art has set the standard for collectors of all things wild from the mysterious continent of Africa. In Part One, Jan details experiences from her 18 trips to five different countries in Africa through the use of photographs, sketches, and journal entries.

These tales, both humorous and thought-provoking, focus on elephants and baobab trees, subjects of the painting “At The Waterhole”. In Part Two, Jan shares the many stages of her creative process that ultimately led to this major work of art. Sure to be a “Must Have” in the libraries of art collectors and artists alike.

  • Premium Quality Full-Color Printing
  • Hardcover, 116 pages
  • Exclusive Limited Edition
  • Signed by the Artist



An exclusive look behind the artist’s veil! 

Experience Africa as lived, loved and captured by renowned wildlife artist Jan Martin McGuire.   Art admirers, collectors, and artists alike will relish the “Journey” through Jan’s entire creative process.  From the wildlife experiences that inspired her, through the stages of creating the painting.  People from all backgrounds are intrigued by stories of Jan’s experiences in Africa, and art collectors have been excited to see this particular painting “come to life.”

Jan shares techniques, but this is not a “how to” book, but an insightful look into the experiences and process that created this important finished work of art.

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