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It starts with a conversation. I want to know your book and why you write. Let's work through what it takes to bring it through a successful release for you. This consultation addresses the readiness and the positioning of your content in the book market and provides the opportunity to strategize for future sales.


Done-for-you flat-rate book production

With WordBound, your work is copy-edited, proofed, and designed for print and eBook release. We prepare your listing descriptions and PR materials. Our book production is a complete "done-for-you" service, professionally preparing your manuscript for print and electronic distribution at a discounted rate.

WordBound Prepared for Print offers an clear path through these essential pre-publication steps:

  • Marketing assessment
  • Text copy-editing and proofreading
  • Cover and interior design
  • Print file and eBook preparation
  • Book description / Cover copy-writing
  • Pricing and production analysis
  • Press release design

Partnered Publishing

75% net author royalty

Because we will have performed the work of preparation, we know your files are ready for distribution and poised for sales, and can offer a 75% author royalty on net sales from WordBound title distribution and publishing administration. We publish to all viable online book markets (brick and mortar orders available through Ingram). 

WordBound distributes your work and manage the listings, as well as providing essential review building and promotion, with no long-term publishing contract. While there is no obligation to distribute with WordBound after file preparation, we would love to be your manage your content.

  • Print and eBook sales
  • Dual Amazon / Ingram distribution
  • Listing management
  • Sales reporting and royalty payment
  • Personalized author dashboard
  • Individualized marketing insights


Take control of your book sales with a-la-carte marketing services

Your personalized Author Dashboard tracks your sales reports and overall data for your title, as well as stored files and documents. Recommended (optional) marketing actions are available on a subscription or à la carte basis, and new "done-for-you" marketing services rolled out frequently to meet your marketing goals, with the focus on measurable returns and long term niche positioning.

  • Audiobook creation
  • Website management
  • Social media management
  • PPC Advertising
  • PR/Media campaigns

Why publish differently?

Technology has removed the barriers of entry to book publishing, but the book marketplace is more competitive than ever. With a myriad of DIY publishing, distribution, and marketing resources online, the variety of options can be paralyzing. Preparing a book for publication has many moving parts, and these are critical choices affecting the ultimate success of your work. Your thoughtful, original content needs to stand out in a commodities-driven marketplace to be viable. You may reasonably wonder if your time isn't better spent writing and performing the author's share of the book release, rather than taking on the tasks of a publisher, as well.

The call of a publisher is to help shape and bring content into the world, distributing to its ideal audience at a maximized return. Let's rethink how authors make a living, and how publishing differently can better achieve your book sales goals.

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I've managed the listing and sale of over a million books on the Amazon marketplace, and the launch and marketing of 1000+ new print editions.

I love solving publishing problems to make writing profitable.

Jake Mayer