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TRAMMELED BY book Publishing?

First, congratulations. Completion of an original manuscript for publication is a tremendous accomplishment that eludes many who attempt it. Kudos! Bask in this moment, if you haven’t already. But, as you know, the work isn’t over.  Content without an audience will make you a writer, but not an author. Effective book publishing is the magic that transforms writers into authors, develops stories into sustenance, and connects content with consumers.

The Writer’s Dilemma

There are valid reasons to be cautious when choosing a publisher.  While it would be a rare (and shocking) event that an author’s copyright is ‘stolen’ by a publisher, it is extremely commonplace for publishing contracts to have terms that can lock your content into unprofitability. Print-right reversion terms often favor the whim of the publisher. Most publishing relationships are opaque, and sometimes ‘your’ book starts feeling more like ‘their’ book.

In self-publishing, you keep everything you can net, but what is your value as a new, part-time publisher? Are you willing to risk your time and reputation as an author by becoming an entry-level book publisher and administrator, or do you hone your craft, market to your strengths, and write the next book? Your livelihood depends on the result. As a writer, consider your publishing options carefully. With traditional publishing in a decade-long process of technology-forced rediscovery, the results are mixed for authors. Publishing as we knew it changed with Amazon.

We know the following to be true:

      • Proper management of your content is essential to your livelihood as a creator
      • Few authors receive generous publishing advances
      • Marketing is necessary
      • Your time is limited

Self-publishing can be satisfying and rewarding if you love marketing, data, and setting up and maintaining new administrative systems; If you have the time and skills to develop your technical, managerial, and book marketing strategies. It is easy enough to release your work direct-to-Kindle, but there is more to professionally-managed book publishing (Hint: Jeff Bezos may not have your best interests at heart).

Wordbound offers a fresh take on publishing, serving original works with unique aesthetic (no templated designs here), individualized marketing resources, full creative oversight for the author, transparent sales, no long-term contracts, and industry-leading royalty rates. 

Out of Print?

Wordbound can prepare your out-of-print content for positioning back on the market, quickly and profitably.

Stuck? We can help.

Content management, image permissions, print rights reversion. Solutions found for content concerns.

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The Art of Making Paste Papers: Diane K. Maurer-Mathison

This is where it begins, and it’s important. Where will your content find its audience, and how do we reach them? From the start, let’s abandon the “throw it on Amazon and pray” strategy, and build a marketing platform that build connections between you and your readership.

Wordbound authors are assigned a dedicated editor throughout production. Our goal as a publisher is to present your work in its best light, and that light shines in collaboration. No content changes are made without your explicit approval.

Wordbound is committed to original, well-considered design inside-and-out for your work.   We offer no cookie-cutter templated designs, and our authors have oversight of the full design process. 

Content creators are a brand of one, and the piecemeal nature of modern publishing can leave you without a content strategy. Let’s plan how to use all your content to the best result.

While we are print lovers at heart, eBook and audio editions are an essential part of any good publishing strategy. Planned properly, this is a perfect opportunity to expand your audience, and your income.

Amazon is the gorilla in the room, but Wordbound goes beyond- with dual Amazon/Ingram distribution as a baseline for most titles, we have the tools to build a strong presence for special market and direct sales.

Meet Jake

Publisher, Wordbound Media

I have been honored to manage the distribution and sales of countless thousands of titles, and usher in 500+ new releases to market over the last decade.  What I’ve started here more recently as Wordbound Media is an evolving effort to break from those publishing conventions that are not in the interest of the Author.

Nothing about writing or publishing or selling is especially easy. As a publisher in the age of self-publishing, I’m building a publishing flow for authors that expands opportunity and minimizes hasslefrom production through marketingcreating a long-term platform for a profitable writing career.

I’d love to talk with you about your content. Seriously.  Authors are a weird lot, and I am inevitably interested in your fascinations.

and Elwood!

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