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Old Man on a Green Bike

Mark Cramer

Paperback, 116pp

A bicyclist for decades, along the way Marc Cramer fell in love with the journey.  Realizing the manifold benefits of choosing two wheeled transportation (for utility or recreation), Old Man on a Green Bike is Mark's invitation to you.  

From the politics to the practicalities of conscious bicycling, Mark inspires us to take to two wheels for our own sake, and for the good of the planet.

"In facing the huge global crisis, which is not only environmental but economic and cultural, it seems we need at least two things: a deep philosophy and a buoyant sense of humor.


Mark Cramer enjoys a gift for both, so well-communicated in Old Man on a Green Bike, his latest book, in which he shows us with warmth and great skill how the joy of life, together with the profound understanding of personal commitment to sustainability, can offer us key resources in disruptive times."

Elizabeth Peredo Beltrán

Internationally-acclaimed environmental writer and activist.

An exclusive look behind the artist’s veil! 

Experience Africa as lived, loved and captured by renowned wildlife artist Jan Martin McGuire.   Art admirers, collectors, and artists alike will relish the “Journey” through Jan’s entire creative process.  From the wildlife experiences that inspired her, through the stages of creating the painting.  People from all backgrounds are intrigued by stories of Jan’s experiences in Africa, and art collectors have been excited to see this particular painting “come to life.”

Jan shares techniques, but this is not a “how to” book, but an insightful look into the experiences and process that created this important finished work of art.

  • Premium Quality Full-Color Printing
  • Hardcover, 116 pages
  • Exclusive Limited Edition
  • Signed by the Artist

Robert Bateman
Naturalist, Painter

 leaves me in awe...

“There are a lot of painters out there but only a tiny percent of those that I would call a true artist. Jan Martin McGuire is one of the few… Jan’s work comes from her heart. A big piece of her heart belongs in Africa. I could say this about myself, having been there over a dozen times. But Jan’s work leaves me in awe. Many of her African paintings are truly stunning in their drama.”