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Publishing is broken. We can fix it together.

Book publishing has fundamentally changed. While publishing technology has put self-managed distribution in reach of writers, the successful preparation, production, and sale of print and digital content remains a technical set of skills with an expensive learning curve.

Traditional publishing has lagged behind with a lengthy submission process and low royalties that can bring paltry returns for the creator.  Earning potential gets lost in the shuffle as works are contractually locked.

Much of the dissatisfaction that writers (and publishers) experience stems from poor communication and misaligned goals, and this dysfunction begins with publishing contracts. Authors are inevitably left wondering what is being done to release and promote their new work, while publishers are pressured to spend their time and energy on titles with demonstrated sales. 

WordBound presents a different model, a functional, mutually thriving publishing partnership.

In reconsidering the systems of production, distribution, and marketing of books, we can create a more transparent, equitable, and collaborative approach to book publishing to everyone's benefit.    

Journey, by Jan Martin McGuire

Own an exclusive look behind the artist's veil, and experience Africa as lived, loved and captured by renowned wildlife artist Jan Martin McGuire. Art admirers, collectors, artists alike will relish the “Journey” through Jan's entire creative process, from the wildlife experiences that inspired her, through the stages of creating the painting. People from all backgrounds are intrigued by stories of Jan's experiences in Africa, and art collectors have loved seeing this particular painting “come to life."

  • Premium Quality Full-Color Printing
  • Hardcover, 116 pages
  • Exclusive Limited Edition, Signed by the Artist

Urban Everesting

Hikers and armchair explorers alike, discover:

  • The American city where the urban hiker can equal the elevation of a Mount Everest climb by simply scaling all the public stairways. Nope, it’s not San Francisco.
  • The place in South America that is higher than the peak of Mount Everest.
  • Cities where you can climb 3,000-foot mountains within the city limits.
  • A city with 7 hills with panoramic views, where all the sidewalks are made of intricate mosaic tiles.
  • A city where you can walk coast to coast, within city limits.
  • The city with the largest urban forest in the USA.
  • The place where you can trace the steps of Laurel and Hardy when they tried so hard to deliver a piano up a public staircase.
  • The major city where you can walk a long distance without coming upon a traffic light or crossing a street.

AND many more surprises throughout Urban Everesting.

Old Man On A Green Bike 

A bicyclist for decades, along the way Marc Cramer fell in love with the journey.  Realizing the manifold benefits of choosing two wheeled transportation (for utility or recreation), Old Man on a Green Bike is Mark's invitation to you.  

From the politics to the practicalities of conscious bicycling, Mark inspires us to take to two wheels for our own sake, and for the good of the planet.